About Us

About Us

Australia's fastest growing regionally based internet service provider

AUS Internet is Australia’s fastest growing regionally based internet service provider specialising in connecting regional and remote Australians. Our dedicated Australian based support team are here to help you get the most out of your internet connection, no matter where you are!

The team at AUS Internet have several years of telecommincations experience, whom are also nbn trained and accredited as well as having also spent time working in-the-field and on nbn infrastructure. Who better to connect with than a company that has hands on knowledge and the expertise to best support you.


Backed by a robust cross country fibre network network, with super fast speeds and peering agreements with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and more, we have what it takes to deliver a reliable product to suit any budget with nbn plans starting at as little as $49.95/mth, and no contracts!

Our Network:

AUS Internet uses dedicated links through one of Australia’s largest backhaul providers connecting us to all 121 nbn™ Point of Interconnects (POI’s)

This network is a Juniper Powered MPLS network with expansive reach with Australia and New Zealand, and an international network with termination points in the US and Singapore.

The network is a Cross-Tier Network that interconnects with major carriers at each one of its Points of Presence (POP).  It is a well monitored network to ensure sufficient capacity is available to all of our users – across the country and around the clock, 365 days a year.  The network management is of the highest performance and availability targets to meet the critical needs of customers.

Each of the backhaul POP’s are connected with Diverse IP Meshed Intercapital connectivity and Geographic Redundant failover availability on services.
The network has advanced QoS traffic engineering and Peers with Telstra for Domestic transit, and a number of major carriers internationally for connectivity via the USA,  Singapore for International traffic.