Residential VoIP

Bundle an optional home phone with your nbn™ service

Our simple approach to a ‘one-size, fits all’ residential voice service – makes staying connected easy.
For only $20.00 in addition to your AUS Internet nbn™ or Opticomm internet service you can choose to include our UNLIMITED VoIP service.

Benefits of VoIP:

VoIP services require an active internet connection to work.
VoIP service will not work if your internet is offline or during a power outage

Unlimited Home


* When bundled with an internet plan, otherwise $30.00/mth

**To use a standard telephone handset, you will require a compatible modem/router with VoIP capability, or a separate VoIP device known as an Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) to connect to your modem/router to which your standard telephone will connect to.  Alternatively an independent VoIP telephone can be used.