nbn™ SkyMuster Plus & SkyMuster Premium

nbn SkyMuster Plus & SkyMuster Premium plans offer great value for money with unlimited data plans starting at only $59/mth with no contracts or cost of purchasing any hardware.  This allows you more flexibility with your internet plan, at a capped monthly cost, and no surprises.

Standard installation of a nbn™ SkyMuster or SkyMuster Plus service is completely free. When you choose to connect, no matter where you ate located in Australia, AUS Internet will arrange for a nbn™ approved installer to come and facilitate the connection for you. This involves the installation of a satellite dish and a nbn™ connection box (NTD). You’ll simply need a wireless router to begin using your service once it is installed and activated.  If you don’t already have a router, you can order one from us.

Our Packages

Choose your nbn™ SkyMuster Premium plan

Unlimited data all day, everyday. Choose your speed tier.

All of your online data will be completely un-metered including video streaming.  This product is great for families or screen hungry kids!  This means no need to worry about your usage or running out of data. Upload speed is limited making it less ideal for those users relying on business based or cloud based applications, or those who send large files.  The SkyMuster Plus plans may be better suited to you – see below.







Choose your nbn™ SkyMuster Plus plan

Capped Peak time Video Streaming & VPN - but faster upload

Most of your online data will be un-metered.  Un-metered simply means that the data is not counted toward your plan data limits (unlimited).  All data during Off Peak hours is un-metered – including video streaming!!  This is between Midnight and 4pm.  However during Peak hours (4pm to Midnight), some data does count toward your plan’s included data limit, primarily Video Streaming & VPN – We call this ‘metered data’ (see below).  Once your metered data limit included in your Peak time is reached services considered as metered  will be slowed to 256kbps.  Un-metered data is not affected if your metered data runs out.  Plus plans offer a download speed up to 50mbps and an upload speed of up to 20mbps







SkyMuster Plus Metered vs Un-Metered

Un-metered Data (all day everyday)

Metered Data (4pm to Midnight)*

** Gaming, software updates, game console updates & file sharing platforms maybe subject to shaping between the hours of 4pm and Midnight where nbn deems excessive use on its network.
^ Includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr & LinkedIn.  Embedded video in other applications is metered

I already have SkyMuster - Can I upgrade?

Yes, if you already have nbn™ SkyMuster , you can connect to our SkyMuster Plus or Premium products without needing to change any equipment, or needing to have a technician attend your premises.  Changing over is as simple as contacting us or completing an online order!

Can I change my plan between Plus & Premium

Yes, plan changes for satellite products take place on the 1st day of each new month inline with your monthly billing.  Simply let us know before the month changes and we can change your plan.