Moving House

Moving House?
If you move house, rest assured that AUS Internet will take away the stress of needing to connect your internet service at your new home.

With just a simple phone call we can take care of everything for you, so you can get back to planning your move.

When you plan your move you’ll be assigned a dedicated member of our team to personally take control of all aspects of your transition.

If you’re on a residential service with us – you’ll have no contract, other than needing to provide 30 days notice for any cancellation.  However, if you

are keeping your service with us at your new home, we’ll waive that notice period, and keep you connected to the day you move out.  In most cases we can even have your connection ready at your new home for when you move in!

Here are some tips & common questions answered to help make your transition easy:

* Provide as much notice as possible. 

– The more notice you provide, the better lead times are available in case your new home requires a technician appointment.  We’ll conduct a serviceability check once you notify us of needing to move your service, and we will advise you whether or not a technician is required, and approximate connection time frame.

* nbn equipment

– Be sure to leave behind any nbn owned / branded equipment including NTD’s & power supplies, and only take with you your modem or router.

* Service Type Changes

– If your new home connects using a different type of nbn technology to your current home, we’ll let you know.  If you need a new router or modem, we can supply one for you if required.

* Can I select a date to be connected?

– In most cases it is possible, however this is also dependant on whether an nbn technician is required to attend your new home and their availabilities.  If your new home has previously been connected to the nbn network, there should be no issues with selecting a connection date.

* What costs are involved?

– We do not charge any additional fees for re-locating your service from one house to another.  The only costs you may incur and differences in plan fees if you are changing technology types, or in cicumstances where two services overlap between both homes.  If your new home is a brand new build, or on a sub-division, and never been connected to the nbn network before, a $300 ‘new development’ fee may apply.  We can advise you of this once we complete a service qualification for you.

* What happens to my VoIP service?

– Your VoIP phone number will remain unchanged provided you remain in the same state or territory.  If you are relocating interstate, a new number will be provided to you.

* What if the previous tenant has not disconnected their nbn service?

– Most of the time, this is not a problem, however if there are issues concerning a connection to be made, we may ask that you provide us with proof of occupancy prior to us connecting our service at your new home.

Got any questions?

Feel free to contact our team on 07 4222-1111.  We’re here to help you ‘stay connected’.