nbn™ SkyMuster

nbn™ SkyMuster is ideal for remote locations, where fast access to internet is essential, and usage is not overly heavy. If you live remotely and want fast Satellite internet with unmetered data inclusions, or are heaver user checkout our SkyMuster Plus plans here!

All usage is counted toward your SkyMuster service plan data inclusion, which once exhausted is slowed down to 256kbps until the beginning of the new month.

nbn™ SkyMuster offers data speed up to 25mbps

Standard installation of a nbn™ SkyMuster service is completely free. When you choose to connect, no matter where you ate located in Australia, AUS Internet will arrange for a nbn™ approved installer to come and facilitate the connection for you. This involves the installation of a satellite dish and a nbn™ connection box (NTD). You’ll simply need a wireless router to begin using your service once it is installed and activated.

If you live in Far North Queensland, AUS Internet have their own technicians accredited to complete these installations and future service work to!

Our Packages

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What is Peak & Off Peak Data ?

All nbn™ SkyMuster & SkyMuster Plus products are separated into Peak time (7am to 1am) and Off-Peak (1am to 7am).

What happens when my data runs out?

Data will be slowed down to 256kbps once your inclusion is used up. If your peak data runs out, your off peak data speed is not affected until it runs out and vice versa.