nbn™ SkyMuster

The nbn™ SkyMuster service launched to close the digital divide between regional and remote Australians offering high speed broadband internet where conventional fixed-line or fixed wireless services are not available. 

Standard installation of a nbn™ SkyMuster service is completely free. When you choose to connect, no matter where you ate located in Australia, AUS Internet will arrange for a nbn™ approved installer to come and facilitate the connection for you. This involves the installation of a satellite dish and a nbn™ connection box (NTD). You’ll simply need a wireless router to begin using your service once it is installed and activated.

What’s best is that when you connect with AUS Internet, you’ll speak with Australian Based Support, and a team who are nbn trained technicians too!

Ongoing servicing and fault restoration of your nbn™ SkyMuster service is also completely free for the life of the installation!

Comparing SkyMuster Offerings

nbn SkyMuster satellite broadband internet is available in 3 product offerings.  
There’s a plan to suit everyone’s needs and we’ve put together a comparison chart below

SkyMuster Standard

SkyMuster Plus

SkyMuster Premium Plus

I already have SkyMuster or SkyMuster Plus... Can I upgrade?

Yes, if you already have nbn™ SkyMuster or  nbn™ SkyMuster Plus, you can connect to our SkyMuster Premium Plus products without needing to change any equipment, or needing to have a technician attend your premises.  Changing over is as simple as contacting us on 07 4222-1111 if you are an existing customer or signing up online to connect with us.